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IHOPE has completed many missions from Nairobi to Tanzania and they Wouldn’t be able to do it without our most important partner, you!


IHOPE partners with individual donors like yourself, who contribute resources, equipment, and working capital which enables IHOPE to perform or assists in complex medical procedures which truly save lives. Even a donation of as little as five dollars can make an effective change to the poor health care situation facing many African families today.


By donating to IHOPE you can rest assured that your donation is going towards real change in these underserved communities and bettering the health outcomes for all those who reside within them. With your donation, IHOPE will be able to continue its life-saving missions and step by step, raise the well-being of the world one community at a time.


So if you wish to help build a healthier world, donate to IHOPE today. 

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Nairobi, Kenya:  April -May , 2019

Overall, IHOPE team participated in the treatment and health care of a total of 2,004 patients including: 76 general surgeries, 53 C-Sections, 122 post-operative follow-up, and CPR training to local health workers. They were also instrumental in strengthening the capacity of the county’s health workforce by facilitating Continuous Medical Education (CME) sessions attended by Surgeons, Medical Doctors, Clinical Officers, Interns and Administrative Healthcare specialists.


Malindi and Kilifi, Kenya:  October, 2019

IHOPE has a formidable team of specialists that consist of top-notch American board certified Doctors who perform surgeries and treatment to patients. We recently returned from a successful mission in Malindi and Kilifi, Kenya in October where just over 2000 patients were treated (including 102 major surgeries and 77 C-sections as well as cancer screening). 

These missions are a short 1 week long with a small number of 15 to 20 medical professionals and volunteers. Achieving the above numbers in such a short time with such a small team and limited medical equipment is an incredible feat and testimony to the efficiency, passion and dedication of the volunteers.


Nairobi, Kenya:  August, 2018

A team of fifteen medical professionals from the United States arrived in Kenya on the 13th of August 2018 for a seven day mission. The team consisted of American Board Certified doctors including: a vascular surgeon, obstetric gynecologist, oncologist, podiatrist, and a family physician. A nursing team accompanied the doctors. Nurses had experience in emergency room operations, operating room operations, pediatrics, and public health.

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Joan Mackathy
Communications lead, NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY

"Our organization is dedicated to women's health and empowerment. Working with International Hope aligns with our mission and values. We are excited to contribute to these important delegations."


Sadie Burke
 Chief of Staff, Operation Giving Back

“Working with International Hope has been a humbling experience. They are kind, determined, and truly want to make a difference in Africa.”


 Dr. Mary-Beatrice Squire

" I feel so touched with the condition of these patients in need and vulnerable communities at large, but at the end of the day seeing how  people seemingly have nothing are happy and grateful for everything gives hope to do more."

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