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IHOPE organizes dedicated groups of physicians, nurses,  generalists, and nonmedical volunteers from many of the United States' leading hospitals and medical facilities to provide community health education, perform surgeries, and create opportunities for better health outcomes for international communities in need.

In addition, IHOPE partners with governments, institutions, corporations, and individual donors, who contribute resources, equipment, and working capital which enables IHOPE to perform or assists in complex surgical and general medical procedures which save lives.

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IHOPE’s Health Education Program or (HEP) works in collaboration with local medical and non-medical experts in each community that it serves. IHOPE does this by engaging in public health initiatives that reduce risk behaviors and health disparities in marginalized communities around the world.


Health educators are an integral part of HEP’s mission to serve every community through compassionate, non-judgmental, educational initiatives that empower that community’s members to take an active role in raising health awareness. HEP is dedicated to providing education on everything from breastfeeding,  its alternatives, and infant resuscitation methods, to working with front-line healthcare providers with education on diseases such as covid-19 and HIV.


IHOPE is dedicated to offering compassionate and safe care to the women it serves, whether it be through general woman’s health education, help with Breast examinations, information on Menopause, or assistance with childbirth, natural or Cesarean Section, IHOPE wishes to help better the health of woman in all underserved communities.

IHOPE focuses on the woman as a whole and seeks to understand her unique experience within the healthcare system. Each patient is actively managed by our team which includes several highly skilled OB/GYNs. This way, IHOPE can provide attention to each woman’s individual needs, as well as help to reduce both mother and fetal-maternal mortality rates which are unfortunately quite common to the communities IHOPE serves.

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IHOPE’s Surgical Initiative Program (SIP) provides surgical services to patients in underserved communities regardless of the patient’s inadequate financial resources. IHOPE recognized that often times, patients are prevented from obtaining surgeries that are life-threatening or may seriously impact an individual’s quality of life, simply because they can not afford it. That is why IHOPE has made it one of its most important missions to solve this problem. IHOPE’s approach to this is to remove the financial burden attached to life-saving care for many people in underserved communities.

Each patient is screened for financial need as well as surgical appropriateness and then connected with an IHOPE surgical team that best meets their needs.  

IHOPE Surgical Initiative Program has saved countless lives around the globe and will continue.

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